2017 SUP6BVSCNC Clausing CNC Bed Mill 3 Axis (column) ACU-RITE MILLPWR G² Control, 60”x 15”Table

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2017 SUP6BVSCNC – Clausing CNC Bed Mill 3 Axis (column) ACU-RITE MILLPWR G² Control, 60”x 15”Table
Make: Clausing
Serial #: 171080
Immediate-part view Graphic
Hard Key Milling Functions
Math Assistance (Std/Geo/Trig)
Stop Button
Softkeys Feed Rate
USB Port
Full Three axes*
CNC Control *(in G Code only)
Hardware Features
• Precision Ground and Hardened Ball Screws
• Powerful AC Servo Motors Assemblies
• Closed Loop Feedback using ACU-RITE Precision
Glass Scales with (1µm/.00004 Resolution)
• 10″ Flat Panel, Color, LCD Display
• Large Internal Part Program Storage Capacity
• RS-232 Port for Downloading from an Offline Source
• Remote Stop/Go Switch • USB and Ethernet
• Maximum Table Feedrate of 100 IPM
Features and Benefits
• 3 axes Control/4-axes Readout Optional
• Conversational Menu-prompted Programming
• Position-Trac™/Find Home: Quickly find workpiece
zero after power loss • 3-D, Tactile-Feel, Color Keypad
• ACU-RITE Precision Glass Scales for better accuracy,
repeatability, high resolution, closed loop feedback and
proven reliability
• Jog Control: One axis or two axes simultaneously
• Remote Stop/Go Switch, with hand-held switch
• Travel Limits: With software
• Engrave: Alphanumeric references into parts
• Tool Offset Compensation • Tool Library
• Hard Key Milling Functions: Select routine
functions (lines, arcs, rectangles, circles, etc.)
• Bolt hole Calculations: Calculate full & partial circles
• Linear row/column • Rectangle frame
• Rectangle array • Mirror/Repeat/Rotate
• Custom Pocket • Skew: Save time aligning parts
• Bend • Explode • Feed Rate Override • DXF File Input
• Teach Position • Edit Capabilities • Reference Tables
• Math Functions: Standard • Trigonometry • Geometry • rpm
CNC Super Bed Mill
Number of Controlled Axes
3 (X, Y, Z-Column)
Manual Quill
Spindle Speed Control
Electronic Variable Speed
Spindle Motor Horsepower: 5
Table Size: 15″ x 60″
Table Load Capacity: 1,800 lbs.
Number of T-Slots: 3
T-Slot Width: .709
T-Slot Center Distance: 3.15
Table Ways (X Axis): Dovetail
Bed Ways (Y Axis): Square
Longitudinal (X Axis): 40.37″
Cross (Y Axis): 18.25”
Z – Column Travel Manual: 21”
W – Quill Travel :5
Programmed Feed Rate X,Y,Z (in/min): 0-100
Rapid Feed X,Y,Z (in/min): 100
Head Tilt Left or Right: 90°
Variable Spindle Speed (rpm): 65 – 5160
Variable Spindle Speed Low Range (rpm): 65 – 590
Variable Spindle Speed High Range (rpm): 575 – 5160
Spindle Taper: NMTB 40
Quill Feed (in/rev): .0016/.003/.006
Quill Diameter: 4.13”
Length of Saddle on Bed: 47.24
Width Across Bed Ways: 20.47”
Spindle Nose to Table: 3.93” – 27.55”
Center of Spindle to Column Ways: 20.47”
Floor to Table Surface: 37”
Table to Column Ways: 2.05” – 21.73”
Voltage: 208, 230, 460
Currently wired for: 230
Phase: 3
Machine Weight (lbs.): 6,600
Machine Foot Print (WxDxH): 92.91”x 76.77” x 85.43”
Shipping Weight (lbs.): 7,400
• Powerful 5 Hp spindle drive motor
• Mechanical variable speed drive with 2 speed ranges
• Hardened and ground spindle with NT40 taper
• Hardened and chromed quill with 5″ travel
• CP4 ABEC7 angular contact spindle bearings
• C7 double nut X/Y/Z axes, 1.26″ diameter ballscrew
• Hardened and ground table surface
• Ground T-slots to provide accurate reference edge
• Hardened and ground, square X/Y ways
• Turcite B coating on saddle X/Y axes ways
• Meehanite castings for superior rigidity and
wear resistance
• Telescopic Z axis ballscrew cover
• Z axis accordion way cover
• Stainless steel front Y axis way cover
• Rubber rear Y/Z axes way covers
• Heavy-duty overhead square control arm
• X/Y axes handwheels
• Coolant system with pump
• Automatic lubrication with alarm
• Heavy-duty chip tray and rear splash guard
• Table guarding
• Long arm halogen work light
• Air power drawbar