ADF Model 990 HD 3 Stage Stainless Steel Parts Washer


ADF Model 990 HEAVY DUTY 3 Stage
Stainless Steel Parts Washer
Model 990
S/N 504-4809
Part Number 9944-072-072
Electrical Diagram 4277-E
General Specifications:
Capacity: 72″ Diameter Table x 72″ Part Height
42″ Load Height
3000 Pound Load Capacity,
(manufacture confirmed a safety factor of around 2000 lbs.
Equipped With:
Allen Bradley Controls (Wash-drain, Rinse-Drain, Hot-Air Blow-Off,
Oil Skimmer, Exhaust, Wash Tank Heater Protection Timer,
Rinse Tank Heater Protection Timer, Wash Tank Heater low limit set,
Rinse Tank heater low limit set, Emergency Stop, Door Open, Door Close,
Screen List Reports:
Autofill—Oil Skimmer
Wash Timer
Wash Delay Timer
Recirculating Rinse Timer
Rinse To Drain Timer
Exhaust Fan Timer
Hot Air Dryer Timer
Heater Help
Timers Help
Cycle Status Help
Rinse To Drain Timer
Turntable Control
Equipped with continued:
Wash 2x 10HP
Rinse 5HP Stainless
Heated Blow-Off 4000 CFM
Electric Heat Wash 30 KW
Electric Heat Rinse 15KW
Oil Skimmer
Turntable Jog Button
7 Day Timer
Emergency Stop Button
SS Wash Auto Water Fill
SS Rinse Auto Water Fill
Low Water Level Switch Each Tank
Steam Exhaust Blower
460 Volt 3 Phase 105 FLA
Max Temperature 200 Deg. F.
Filter Bag
Limit Switch Door
Includes Optional 100 AMP Fused Disconnect
287″ Long
101″ Wide
125″ Tall
Loading Height 42″

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