Alliance Pass Thru Parts Washer

Alliance Pass Thru Parts Washer

Model:  CB2400E

S/N: 40100556

New in: 2010 Refurbished in 2019


2010 Alliance Parts Washer, Refurbished in 2019

Wash, Blow-Off, Heated Blow-Off


DIMENSIONS      16′-2″ L x 8′

WEIGHT               7000

24″ Wide Belt x 18″ Part Height

34.88″ Load Height

24″ Load area, 30″ approach, 36″ Wash, 30″ Drain/Blow-Off, 48″ Blow-off, 24″ unload

Stainless Washer

Stainless 1″ x 1″ Mesh Belt



Wash Pump (Gusher 5 HP Cast Iron Original Bill of Materials) Photo Looks Like Grundfos Could be stainless.

Wash Manifolds Top, Sides, & Bottom

Electric Heat 108 KW Do Not Exceed 165 Deg. F.

Chip Basket

100 Micron Filter

Liquid Level Float

Blow Off Motor 5HP

Heated Blow Off Motor 10HP

Photo Eye

Emergency Stop

Confirm all other specs in Bill of Materials and Drawings

Note Sold As Inspected

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