Andersen Model F60 Rotary Basket Washer


Andersen Model F60 Rotary Basket Washer

Manufacturer: Andersen

Model: F60

Serial #: 1125

Andersen is one of the best engineered and built.

Their attention to detail, and resolve to build the best shows.

From details like the door hinges down to their in-house built oil skimmers.

A great investment made from Stainless Steel,

engineered to clean hydraulic cylinders it is equipped with plenty of power @ 25 HP.


Max Load Capacity: 5,000 lb

Turntable Diameter: 60″

Diameter Table: 60″

Part Height: 75″

Table Capacity: 5000 Lb.

Construction: 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet

Water Heater: Electric

Equipped With:

Hydraulic Cylinder Controlled Door,

Wash Cycle Start Stop Buttons,

Wash Timer Skimmer Cycle Start Stop Buttons,

Automatic Skimmer Control,

Manual Heat Cycle Start Stop,

Automatic Heater Control,

Water Tank Fill Start/ Stop,

Low Water Alarm,

Turntable Jog,

Watlow Wash Temperature Control,

Oil Skimmer,

Rosedale Dual Stainless Bag Filters,

25HP Motor X 250 GPM x 100 PSI,

480 Volt 3 Phase 120 AMPS,

Siemens 200Amp Service Disconnect

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