Tolhurst 48″ Chip Spinner Processing Station


Here We Have:
Tolhurst 48 Chip Spinner Serial Number T-13877A is 600 RPM,
Has a newer installed main drive motor.
The basket is 48″ x 18″ deep with a 14.8 Cu Ft Capacity, it is rated up to a 1000 lbs load.
The Jib crane for the basket is rated at 1-Ton and includes the hoist.
Tolhurst 48 Chip Spinner Processing Station.
This system includes a hydraulic chip pan unloader,
complete Tolhurst size 48 chip spinner with basket & lifting yoke,
a hydraulic cover, hoist and a floor mount jib crane to remove the baskets,
several chip totes are also included.
Oil is drained to a pan with an oil pump,
where it can be sent to a container of your choice.