Bridgeport 1J Vertical Milling Machine


Bridgeport 1J Vertical Milling Machine,
With: Acu-Rite II 2 Axis DRO,
New Align X Axis Power Feed,
Variable Speed Head
with specifications as follows:
Table size: 9” X 42”
Longitudinal Travel: 36”
Cross Travel: 12”
Manual Quill Travel: 5”
Manual Knee Travel: 16”
Maximum Table Load: 750 pounds
Machine Weight: 2,100 pounds
Horsepower: 1-1/2
Spindle Taper: R-8
Range: 1) 60-500 RPM 2) 500-4200 RPM
Quill Diameter: 3.375”
Acu-Rite II 2 Axis DRO
New Align X Axis Power Feed
Set of R-8 Collets/ Jacobs ¾” Chuck
Coolant Pump
One Shot Lube