Deltronic Optical Comparator Model: DH 214


Here We Have:
Well Tooled,
Deltronic Optical Comparator Model: DH 214
Make: Deltronic
Type: Horizontal Optical Comparator
Model: DH 214 (DH214MPC4EAMS2)
Serial Number: 229052815
Functions as intended

Control: MPC-4 2-Axis Multi-Function Readout
Screen Size: 14″
Stage Size: 15″ x 5″
X Axis Travel: 8″
Y Axis Travel: 4.4″
Focus Travel: 3″
Lenses: 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
Automatic Edge Sensing
Table Helix Adjustment: 15 Deg
Electronic Screen Protractor (EPS)
Fiber Optic Surface Illumination
ESP Digital Screen Protractor
Motorized Focus
Motorized Stage With Joystick Control
AMS Automated Measurement System
Automatic Edge Finder

Electrical: 120V Single Phase
Includes Cabinet Base, Assorted Vises, V-Blocks, Spare Parts,
Tooling, Bulbs and more as shown in photos.
Unit size is 42” high x 36” deep x 26” wide without the base.
Estimated Total Weight is 400#

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