Marvel Spartan PA13/2 Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw


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Marvel Spartan PA13/2 Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Make: Marvel Spartan
Model #: PA13/2
Serial #: EPA130436
13″ x 14″ Capacity
Age: 1997
Round Work Capacity: 13″
Rect. Work Capacity: 10″ x 14″
Max Vise Opening: 14.5”
Table Height: 27.5″
Max Blade Size: 1-1/4″W. x .042″Thic. x 162″L.
Blade Speeds Variable: 80-330 FPM
Stock Feed Shuttle Travel: 20″ Stroke
Number of Shuttle Indexes: 1-9
Feed Table Load Capacity: 4,410 Lbs.
Drive Motor: 5 HP
Hydraulic Motor: 1 HP
Equipped With:
Variable Hyd. Vise Clamp Pressure
Automatic Hydraulic Stock Shuttle Feed,
Vise with 20″ Stroke,
9X Multiple Index,
(180″ Max Feed Length),
Variable Band Speeds,
Front and Back Vises,
Hydraulic Band Tensioning,
Coolant Pump,
Power Blade Brush.
5′ Factory Infeed Conveyor
Machine Weight: 6030 Pounds
Dims: 80”x87”x60”H