New Kent USA MLX-1740T Precision Lathe, 3.125” Through Hole, 2 Axis Acu-Rite DRO


Here We Have:

NEW Kent USA MLX-1740T Precision Lathe, 3.125” Through Hole, 2 Axis Acu-Rite DRO
Make: Kent
Model: MLX-1740T
Serial #: 1742306380
Options With This Machine:
2 Axis Acu-Rite 200 DRO (2-axis, x=0.0001”/z=0.0002” res)* Digital Readout $3500.00
Micrometer Carriage Stop $375.00
-3.125” Spindle Through Hole; 10 HP Spindle Motor
-Solid Full Length Casting Base with Front Loading Chip Tray for Easier Cleaning
-Adjustable Over-load Feed Clutches; Quick Reversal Feed from Apron
-Main leadscrew cover; Safety Chuck Cover Interlock Switch
-Full-length Safety Foot Brake; Spindle Jog Button Control
-One-shot Lubrication for Apron, Carriage, and Bed Ways
-Dual Inch/Metric Calibrated Tailstock Quill with Knockout Tang; Heavy Duty Two Speed Tailstock
-Dual Inch/Metric Dials with Quick-change Sleeve
-Interlocked Breaker Switch on Electrical Cabinet
Swing over bed ways: 17”
Swing over cross slide: 10.875”
Swing over gap: 24.5”
Gap length (w/ face plate): 8”
Bed width: 12”
Distance between centers: 44”
Headstock Spindle hole: 3.125”
Spindle nose camlock D1-8
Spindle to sleeve taper 85mm 1/19.18 – MT#5
Spindle speed 12 Steps, 26 – 1500 RPM
Spindle speed ranges N/A
Bearing length on ways 17.3”
Cross slide width: 7.25”
Cross slide travel: 10.6”
Top slide (compound) travel: 4.75”
Feed Box:
Thread capacity (inches): 45, 2 – 72 TPI
Thread capacity (metric): 39, 0.2 – 14 MM
Modular threads range: 18, 0.3 – 3.5 M
Diametral pitch range: 21, 8 – 44 DP
Longitudinal feeds: 0.0015 – 0.04 IPR
Cross feeds: 0.00075 – 0.02 IPR
Quill diameter with tang: 2.3”
Quill travel: 5”
Quill taper: MT#4
Main Motor:10 HP
Coolant pump motor: 1/8 HP
Control circuit voltage: 115 V
Dimensions Shipping: 5”x39”x63”
Weight: 4560 LBS
-3-jaw chuck (10”)
-Chuck cover with interlock
-Steady rest & Follow rest
-Main leadscrew cover
-4-position tool post
-Coolant system
-Full length splash guard
-Halogen work light
-Thread chasing dial
-Bed mount carriage stop
-Electric cabinet interlock switch
230 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amp