Ocean/Rush Model: Rejuvenator Drill Sharpener


Here We Have:
Ocean/Rush Model: Rejuvenator Drill Sharpener
New Replacement Cost: $9,990
Year of Mfg: 2008
Make: Ocean
Model: Rejuvenator
Type: Drill Sharpener
Serial No: R1000

Coolant tank & pump
MT sleeves
Capacity: 3/32 to 2″ drill diameter
Electrics: 1 Phase

Estimated Weight: 900lbs
The Ocean Rejuvenator Drill Sharpener /
Drill Grinder incorporates wide capacity and versatility into an affordable,
heavy-duty drill and tool grinder.
The innovative design of the Rejuvenator allows the grinding of almost any drill geometry,
with most completed in a single chucking. This versatility also extends to step drills, taps,
reamers and end mills (optional equipment may be required).
Many of these tools can be ground with very little change in setup.
The Ocean Rejuvenator is specifically designed,
to grind the high performance structural steel drill points on all structural steel drill bits, including the:
•Ocean Penetrator Drills
•Nachi Drills
•Cleveland Drills
And will grind conventional and structural steel points on just about any type of drill.