Primeline By Durma 38 Ton 6’ Precision Hydraulic Press Brake


Here We Have:

Primeline By Durma 38 Ton 6’ Precision Hydraulic Press Brake

With: 2 Axis Backgauge

New in 2001

Serial Number: 7013013782

Equipped With:

2 Axis NUOVA, Model PRG-920-1 Programmable Backgauge,

Merlin Safety Light Curtains


Tonnage: 38.5 US Tons

Overall Bending Length: 80.75”

Distance Between Housings: 65”

Stroke Length: 5”

Throat Depth: 8”

Approach Speed: 236 IPM

Bending Speed: 42 IPM

Return Speed: 224 IPM

Backgauge Range: 18”,

Gauging Off Finger setup: 21”

Bed Table Height: 34”

Hydraulic Oil Cap.: 26.5 Gal.

Motor: 10 HP

Wired: 220/440 Volt

Weight: 4950 LBS

Floor Space: 116”x63”x81”H

Equipped With:

2 Axis NUOVA Programmable Backgauge

Preset Length and Depth/ Angle,

Stores up to 200 Lines of Memory.

Rapid and Slow Approach,

LED Positioning Readout.

Handwheel Fine Adjustment.

Two Adjustable Flip Up Fingers,

With Full Range Lateral Movement.

18” Front Operated Power Backgauge

Merlin Safety Light Curtains.

Two Front Sheet Supports.

Built in Mechanical Cylinder Stops,

Mechanical Depth Stops are Power Adjusted,

From Operator Console, Positioning on LED Readout.

Hydraulic Working Pressure is Adjustable.

Swing Arm Mounted Operator Console,

Moveable Pedestal Foot Switch, With Dual Palm Buttons.

All Available Man