ROUNDO 8’x3/16”  3-Roll Plate Bending Machine Model: PSE 150


Here We Have:

Note: Replaced Positioning Counters. Works as it should

ROUNDO 8’x3/16”  3-Roll Plate Bending Machine Model: PSE 150

Serial Number: 997101

New in 1999

With Roundo 3 Roll, you only have to put the Sheet in once.


Prebending Capacity Over 8’: 1/8”

Rolling Capacity Over 8’: 3/16”

Diameter of rolls: 5.9”

Motor HP: 5

Machine Weight: 5000 Pounds

Dimensions of Machine L x W x H: 131”x36”x38”


Wire Trip For Safety

Hydraulic Drop End

Hydraulic Variable Speed

All 3 Rolls Driven

Dual Control Station

Outboard Rolls are Fully Adjustable/ Can be Tilted For Cones

Both Outboard Rolls Can be Used to bend Material

The Roudo Difference:

The ROUNDO PSE rolls are the most versatile yet cost-effective bending rolls available today

The pinch/pyramid design provides excellent prebending capabilities,

In many case the flat end is as short as one time the plate thickness.

Prebending of both ends of the plate without the need to remove, turn and re-insert the plate.

Yet, by positioning the rolls in the pyramid (symmetric) configuration, maximum bending capacity can be obtained,

as well as maximum cone bending capabilities. The ROUNDO PSE rolls provide a large opening between the upper and the lower rolls.

Hydraulic infinitely variable drive on all three rolls via low speed hydraulic motor.

Slip clutch for the top roll, compensating for the difference in surface speed between the inner and outer circumference of the plate.

Hydraulic infinitely variable adjustment of the two lower rolls.

Parallel adjustment of the lower rolls via hand levers (PSE 150 and PSE 185)

Alignment grooves in the two lower rolls (not valid for hardened rolls).

SKF spherical roller bearings in all journals.

Hydraulic operation of the drop end.

Permanent balanced top roll when operating the drop end.

Control panel fixed mounted on the motor frame.

Complete electric equipment incl. two emergency stops. One on each end of the machine