SuperMax, GroMax Model G40 Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder


Here We Have:

SuperMax, GroMax Model G40 Tool and Cutter Grinder

Loaded with: Tooling


Longitudinal movement of table: 15.7”

Distance between center: 27.5”

Cross movement of saddle: 9.8”

Work head taper: MT #5 NT50 or BT50


T-slot: 0.59”

Table working range: 5.47” x 37”

Wheel speed: 2600, 3700, 6200 rpm

Wheel motor: 1.5 HP

Range of Movement

Rotative angle of table: ±60 degrees

Jog adjustment of table: ±10 degrees

Vertical movement of wheel head: 9.8”

Slope of wheel head: ±15 degrees

Rotative angle of wheel head: 360 degrees

Distance between center of spindle and table: Max. 11.8” Min. 1.96”

Distance between center of spindle and T-slot: Max. 16.3” Min. 6.5”


Floor space: 61” x 68” x 58”

Weight: 2560 lbs.