SWI Proto Trak, DPM5 Bed Mill with 3-Axis A.G.E. Control


Here We Have:

Proto Trak DPM Bed Mill with 3-axis A.G.E. Control

Serial # 012- AC11091

New in 2001


Table size: 10” x 50”

X Travel: 31”

Y Travel: 17”

Z Travel: 25”

Quill diameter: 15/16”

Spindle taper: #40 NST/NMTBA

Spindle speeds (variable): 70-4200 RPM

Spindle center to column face: 17.3”

Max quill travel: 5”

Quill feed per rev in auto feed: 0.002, 0.004, 0.006 inch/rev

Spindle motor: 5 HP

Max weight on work table: 1,320 LBS

Drilling mild steel: 1.5”

Tapping capacity: 1.25”

Milling capacity: 3” cubed/min

Boring capacity: 4.75”

Approximate overall dimensions: 70” x 72” x 89”

Approximate weight: 4,500 LBS

Control Box:

Serial #88904

New in 2018

Equipped with:

DC Servo Motors, AC Spindle Motor, Ball Screws,

Circular and Linear Interpolation, Kurt Power Draw Bar,

Proto Trak A.G.E. 3 Axis CNC Control,

9” CRT, Pulse Generated Handwheels, Glass Scales

6” Kurt Vise

Drop Mister

Auto Lube